Yesterday we wrote about Paul Nehlen telling a Conservative to eat a bullet.

Because you know, he’s a real charmer.

He went on to attack this Conservative further, even calling him a pedophile:

We seriously doubt John follows Nehlen.

And he wonders why Paul Ryan beat him by 85%.

Maybe that loss actually made him lose his mind because not only did he call Podhoretz a pedo (after telling him to eat a bullet), but he’s following and retweeting openly anti-Semitic accounts.


This is just creepy.

Nehlen is oddly obsessed with Jon Podhoretz.

So far Nehlen’s account hasn’t been suspended, even though he’s clearly been target harassing Podhoretz and Paul Ryan. We thought telling someone to eat a bullet would clearly be a TOS violation but since he’s a blue check who knows.

Either way, it sure seems like Paul has the douchebag vote all locked up.


WOW: Paul ‘Lost to Ryan by 85%’ Nehlen FLIPS OUT, tells Conservative to ‘eat a bullet’