Leave it to Matthew Dowd to take a speech given by a man who is actually resigning because of sexual misconduct allegations and find a way to make the guy RESIGNING the hero while slamming Donald Trump.


This was Dowd’s big takeaway from Al Franken’s resignation speech:

That is one of the most important things Franken said today.


Gosh, we thought the parts about resigning were the most important pieces but hey, what do we know.

That’s what he really said.

Good point. Franken was very careful about his intention and not giving a specific timeline.

Because like his party, he’s playing politics.

Left out the fact that Bill has been a celebrated icon for the Left for decades, yup.

And speaking of icons, what about Conyers?

That was a big ol’ BUT TRUMP in his speech, right?

Not exactly, but close.


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