Cutting taxes seriously brought out the batcrap crazy and evil in the Left. From screeching about people instantaneously DYING when the GOP passed their tax bill in the Senate to insisting giving people back more of their own money is theft (really Bernie?), they’ve seriously lost it.

Like even more so than usual.

Take for example David Atkins, who is a blue check you’ve likely never heard of unless you read that garbage rag, Salon. He seems to think Republicans in evil red states aren’t paying their fair share and that somehow passing this bill is robbing poor people to pay rich people.

Although poor people don’t typically pay taxes so yeah, he’s dumb.

Anyway, this is just ONE of his ridiculous tweets, sent after he received a bunch of heat from another tweet:

For a change.

Forget that rich people pay 80% or something of all federal taxes, apparently, that’s not enough. But paying zero is fair?


Of course, he does. Like Bernie Sanders, he would be better off to just admit they want to be socialists.

Immorally stolen? DUDE. The poor pay no taxes. Americans who do pay taxes keeping more of their OWN MONEY is not theft; truth be told, Americans who don’t pay anything are the real thieves.

Oooh, so mean.

Huh? You know who really sells organs for profit?

But poor people! Wars! Evil rich white people!


  1. They do sell fetal organs. And the Lord’s work. WTF?!?!?!
  2. Hey, at least this douchebag is honest, he wants us to pay for abortion.

Yes, yes he is.

Well, he is a Democrat.


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