And you thought Shannon Watts was bad.

Ok, so we’re not exactly surprised Lefties were out in full force using the verdict to screech about Trump being a racist, but it doesn’t stop it from being just absolutely disgusting. It was a horrible miscarriage of justice, but instead of looking to why the system failed Kate and her family, people like this jack-hole were on Twitter gleefully looking at how to attack Trump with it.

Also note, he leaves out the important descriptor ‘illegal’ and calls them Mexican immigrants just so he can play the race card.

Kate Steinle’s killer will see zero consequences (another deportation, he’ll be back in this country in a week) but TRUMP! RACISM! ELEVENTY!


We’re thinking the Left missed the point about why people are so pissed about the Steinle verdict. Dude was deported FIVE TIMES, had something like SEVEN felonies and should never have been in this country.

But hey, Trump’s racist or something.

The stupid, it burns.

Let’s not pretend this guy actually feels or understands shame, if he did he wouldn’t be progressive.

Pretty sure this garbage tweet is at least in the top five worst takes of the night, but we’ll keep you posted.


‘The HELL is wrong with you?!’ Shannon Watts’ take on #KateSteinle verdict is INFURIATING