You’d think Shannon Watts, a supposed advocate for victims of ‘gun violence’ would be INFURIATED about the Kate Steinle verdict and how little justice Kate or her family will actually receive after she was shot by an illegal immigrant with an illegal firearm.

Think again.

Her reaction is classic Watts:

Ahem. Shannon. Americans are upset about the gunman because he should never have been in this country in the first place. He was deported FIVE DAMN TIMES, and people’s anger is about the immigration system that failed Kate and thousands of others.

But of course, it’s the GUN’S FAULT.

We can’t tell if she’s being deliberately obtuse or if she’s just really not all that bright.

Maybe a little of both.

No gun law would have stopped Jose Ines Garcia Zarate from having the gun, but a stronger immigration system (that is actually ENFORCED) may have stopped him from being in this country.

Being angry that she was killed by someone who was already BREAKING THE LAW by being here isn’t racist. Illegal immigrants aren’t just one skin tone, Shannon, and pretending otherwise is well … racist.

The only point Shannon has is the tip of her head.

EL OH EL. Notice how she tries not only to make Justin out to be a racist but a sexist as well.

Gonna go ahead and bet that she blocked Justin.

It’s what she does.


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