Oh look, the Leftist media is out in full force crapping all over Tom Cotton AND his service since he has been floated as the potential new CIA director.

Classy take you have there, Matt.

Whoa. When Jake Tapper is calling you out MAYBE just maybe you said something incredibly stupid.


Who died and made this guy ‘Army Value God’? Cripes, what a snob.

Of course, it’s his politics, Tom is a traitor because he’s an evil Republican and thus deserves great scrutiny and disrespect. At least that’s what Matt seems to think.

Says the guy using his service for personal gain, but k.

Is Matt suggesting vets shouldn’t talk about their service if they become politically involved?

Because if he is, that’s really dumb.


Guess Adam doesn’t like Jake defending a Republican either.

And done.




That’s all she wrote.


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