Gosh, Alyssa seems upset with Ajit Pai for making fun of her stance and tweets on net neutrality.

She even wrote a THREAD about it.

Poor thing.

She mad.

Twitter ain’t easy, Alyssa. And sorry but let’s not pretend he wasn’t right about the lot of you.

And c’mon, ‘net neutrality’ isn’t really neutral. It’s a door to regulation of the Internet by regulators; everything Obama did was about controlling private industry and making the government KING.


It allows the government to regulate the Internet … FIFH.


Oh ffs.

She thinks the government controlling the Internet makes it free, fair and open.


Sorry, but if we try and include the entire thread here we might need therapy.

She goes on and on and on because she thinks she knows best, and she just doesn’t.

Let’s just say she’s wrong, about everything, and should probably stick to tweeting about Nazi elves.


TFW Lauren Duca tweets there should be no men ANYWHERE and gets dragged by Ben Shapiro