Joy Reid has a really bad habit of talking behind people’s backs on Twitter. Remember when she and Brian Stelter were talking trash about Maria Bartiromo for blocking him? It’s like she doesn’t realize bazillions of people are reading Twitter and that her smug gossip will be seen by like, everyone.

Did she really think Bernie Sanders supporters wouldn’t send this nonsense to his wife? Maybe she didn’t realize Jane is on Twitter.

Start here:

Men are bad, m’kay.

And Matt Lauer is among the worst, but we digress.

She goes on to explain that there are LITERALLY no credible national authority figures right now and gets a response from a Sanders supporter.

And then Joy said something really, really stupid.

Not necessarily untrue about Bernie, but probably should have left his wife out of it.

Oh boy.

Guess what, someone sent the tweet to Jane Sanders and then the shiznit really hit the fan.

Over 21k faves.

Over 6k retweets.

And LOOK at the comments.

Way to go, Joy.


She’s got a really bad habit of saying dumb things and getting caught.

Joy loved Hillary.

And to think, this website is FREE.

Ya’ think?