Oh Hellboy, you’ve so disappointed this editor. Twitter has succeeded in ruining the joys of following most famous people by giving them a place to spew their nonsense and reveal their actual stupidity.

Like Ron Perlman.

He responded to this:

Trump wasn’t exactly wrong, but ok.

We’re pretty sure he didn’t think this one through.

Trump has what, five letters? Even Donald Trump has 11 letters.

But you know what has 10 letters?

ZOMG he’s right!


What a dummy.


Definitely NOT the brightest crayon in the box.

Serious amounts of Botox will do that to a face.

Ron probably thinks Trump is so awful he somehow out-awfuls this insult, and of course, he’s wrong.

He’s also wrong about the number of letters included in his insult …

Which makes this just delicious.


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