We’ve decided that ‘your sexual assault jerks are worse than our sexual assault jerks because of politics’ Twitter is the grossest Twitter yet.

And we read a lot of Chelsea Handler tweets.

Mary Katharine Ham seems to have triggered a few tweeps by talking about Nancy Pelosi and how she’s been defending Conyers.

Apparently, this person would have rather Ham focus on evil Trump because this ‘red vs blue sh*t’ is ruining our country.

Even though the whole premise of his or her tweet seems to be red vs blue … but what do we know?

Welcome to 2017 where everything is indeed dumb.

Huh? Maybe Kyle missed it, but this whole mess is about corrupted officials in D.C. Is it Ham’s fault they happen to be Democrats?

But what about … never mind.

The people claiming Conservatives haven’t been calling Roy Moore out for weeks must have their heads perpetually buried in the sand.

Wang-showing perp.

Damn, we love Mary Katharine Ham.

#DongGate? Or would it be #WangGate?


Only on Twitter could a heated debate on tribalism turn into a discussion about what to call a man’s junk.

See what we did there?


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