Seems Chris Matthews has an issue with Donald Trump talking to LaVar Ball the way he has been because Ball is black.

Larry Elder took issue with this and let Matthews have it with both Twitter barrels:

Aww yes, the soft bigotry and racism of the Left.

Gotta love it.

What would Democrats do without the race card? They’d have zero agenda, zero issues, zero platforms. They NEED racism to exist, without it they literally have nothing … and we’re onto them.

Obama set race relations back decades by pretending there was a problem with racism in modern America. And now we’re seeing a huge backlash on the Democrats because Americans are sick and tired of being treated as racists.

Keep it guys.

You radical you.

No balls ALL mouth Chris … ZOMG, he should legally change his name to that.

True story. Whether or not you like Trump, you have to admit he treats everyone the same, which ultimately is the true definition of equality.


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