With Twitter’s lovely new verification ‘rules,’ where basically anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics could lose their blue check or even be entirely suspended from their site, it’s interesting to see what certain accounts are allowed to get away with.

Like Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

It all started here:

Ben Shapiro responded:

And Brown with the unfunny ‘punchline’:

Repeatedly even.


And since Twitter has admitted it approves of the accounts with blue checkmarks, does this mean Twitter agrees that Shapiro should get punched in the face?

The little blue check looks more and more like a seal of approval.

Like he would. Twitter seems fine with people threatening and harassing Conservatives.


Because she was being all big and bad.

Only CERTAIN people though, silly.

Wait, we thought that was a climate change thing? Ugh, who can keep up with all of these rules?!


She tried to defend herself, again


Nice try, blue check.


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