Yesterday, Trump was clearly irritated with LaVar Ball’s behavior after he worked to bring his son home from a Chinese jail.

LaVar really was being a jerk. That didn’t mean the president should go on Twitter and be a jerk but still.

Seems Matt Yglesias took this reaction as proof that Trump is a racist and has problems with black people.

No really, he did.

C’mon man.

Only Trump didn’t exactly pick this fight … LaVar did. And granted, his response was less than polite but let’s not pretend Trump started it. Honestly, if Trump is guilty of anything it’s being too thin-skinned and reacting to trolls LIKE LaVar.

But you be you, Matty.


It’s not a racist thing, it’s an ego thing.

Apparently, Trump being angry at LaVar for acting like a jackass somehow proves he doesn’t like black people? Don’t look at us, we just work here.

And all too typical.


With the hard R?! Shaun King tweeted one of the most racist tweets EVER to attack Trump