We’re all still waiting for Saturday Night Live to do a skit about Weinstein, Takei, Affleck, Louis C.K. … you know what, at this point, the list is too long to remember.

But SNL was front and center making fun of Moore and the allegations against him.

Funny that.

But hey, we’re glad they decided to make fun of Moore because that totally proves they’re not biased at all about sexual assault. Apparently, it’s funny when certain people are accused of such horrendous actions because of the political party they represent.

Cold open indeed.

Awww. And it’s not a ‘Democrat’ thing this time either.

Louis C.K. admitted he did it, Weinstein went to rehab for it … Moore has denied it but for some reason, SNL thought he was the perfect one to make jokes about while ignoring the disgusting revelations about Hollywood.

Seems legit.



Join the club.


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