Oh to be a fly on the wall when Hillary sees this …

Donna Brazile has certainly made a name for herself over the last week with the release of her new book, ‘Hacks.’ People on both sides of the aisle have been talking about her book, where she, of course, alleged the DNC and Clinton campaign rigged the primary.

But to dedicate the book to Seth Rich? Ballsy.

From Newsweek:

A new book by Donna Brazile, the former interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), has been making headlines for its controversial claims about the 2016 presidential election and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But the provocative points start even before the first chapter, as Brazile reportedly dedicated the book in part to Seth Rich, the DNC staffer whose murder launched a conspiracy theory.


Anything is possible.

You know Hillary hates this.


Could be?

Tell us more.

C’mon Donna, don’t be shy.


Her book is out today, grab your popcorn.


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