Donna Brazile truly dropped a bomb on the Left last week, even though she has been desperately trying to backtrack what she told Politico and even what she wrote in her own book. Did she think no one would notice when she revealed to the world that Hillary and the DNC rigged the primaries?

Seems Matthew Dowd wanted to share some wisdom with her …

And here we thought Dowd prided himself on being an unbiased independent.

But he sure acts like it.

This truth though hurts their narrative, that Trump is the one who cheated. When someone on the Left admits that the DNC and the Clinton campaign deliberately cheated Bernie out of the nomination? Bad news, Lefties.

In other words, he sounds like a member of the media.


Saying DNC puppet is redundant.


‘Now, THAT is news’! Is Drudge TRYING to break the Internet with this tweet on Donna Brazile?