Dana Loesch AND Katie Pavlich? Surprised the Left didn’t just combust in a cloud of sparkles.

Yesterday when the news broke that the man who shot and chased Devin Kelley was an NRA member and firearms instructor the Left came unglued. So the guy who killed a bunch of people was NOT an NRA member and the guy who stopped him, Stephen Willeford, IS an NRA member.

Gosh gun grabbers, this doesn’t help your campaign to end the NRA.

We love that Dana shared this.

And then the Katie Pavlich double down … PRICELESS.

As you can imagine, the gun grabbers lost their damn minds:

Apparently, they also think members of the NRA should have ESP.


They must REALLY hate the fact that they’ve been wrong all along about the NRA … they’ll never ADMIT IT, but they’ll hate it.



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