Joy Reid’s latest rant of stupid started shortly after Ted Cruz stated that he and his family were praying for those harmed in Sutherland Springs, TX yesterday … because clearly, how DARE he pray for these people.

The stupid, it burns. Once again the NRA is somehow responsible for another shooting, not the shooter himself.

Psh, he was late compared to other gun-grabbing fanatics, like Chelsea Handler. But of course, Joy Reid couldn’t allow her crazy to be out-crazied by Handler:

Oh boy.

Danger, Will Robinson.

And someone has to tweet stupid crap, right Joy?

Jesus prayed. We’re not entirely sure where Joy missed this but then again … it’s Joy.

This attitude towards prayer, that somehow it’s a bad thing, is one of the ugliest talking points from the Left, yet.

But the Book isn’t convenient to her unless she is rewriting it.

You know what, let’s all pray for Joy.


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