After yesterday’s tragic mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX, people like Chelsea Handler were on Twitter attacking everyone BUT the gunman before we even knew how many innocents had been wounded or killed.

At some point, you’d think common sense would kick in and Chelsea would figure out that tweeting such vile things does more harm than good. This tweet may actually be one of her worst … ever.

Honestly, we were shocked she didn’t blame the NRA because that’s the gun-grabber’s usual go-to, but blaming Republicans as a whole was tacky, even for her.

When there are no words to adequately describe the disgust you feel reading a tweet, Ben Shapiro still managed to find at least one word for her. Others chimed in as well:

But she’s a political activist and stuff now.

They had not even identified the gunman at the time of her tweet; not that it matters to Chelsea.

And hey, she has an answer for all our problems:

No Chelsea, what’s sick is gun fanatics dancing on the graves of the innocent to push the gun control law agenda which by the way FAILED yesterday. It was already illegal for the gunman to have a gun … so no amount of government or laws stopped him.

‘Nuff said.


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