Gotta love how the media is more concerned about pushing the gun control narrative than figuring out why a monster named Devin Kelly walked into a church on a Sunday morning in Sutherland Springs, TX and killed dozens of innocent people.

Sadly this has seemingly become their mission, to exploit the dead while pushing for more gun control. Luckily Sheriff Joe Tackitt understands who killed those people, that it wasn’t a ‘what.’

Evil men will do evil things; 20,000 gun laws didn’t stop the gunman yesterday, do they really think adding another law would have? Not to mention it was already ILLEGAL for this schmuck to have a gun in the first place.

Notice they’re not spending much time talking about the good guy with a gun who stopped the bad guy with one.

He’s right.

Which means the Left totally freaked out on him:

And they never imagined computers and phones … so let’s ban those too.

These folks think this is a good argument. *eye roll*

They’ll never get it.


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