It’s starting to feel like the Left is angrier at people praying for those wounded and killed in Sutherland Springs, TX yesterday than they are at the actual gunman who pulled the trigger.

Let’s think about this for a minute – the Left is telling people NOT to pray for people who were attending church when they were wounded or killed. And we get it, this is their lame way of pushing for more gun control but really it’s just not a good look.

Take for example the reaction Michael Ian Black had to Paul Ryan praying:

He’s such a peach.


Get him, girl.

Of course, it doesn’t. But it somehow makes Black feel like he’s done something because he’s ANGRY that people are praying for the dead and the wounded.

Yeah we know, it’s dumb.

But he’s FAMOUS and stuff, so his opinion matters more or something.

But that won’t keep him from trying so everyone make sure and PRAY for Michael.


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