Seems one of the biggest debates after the horrible shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX has been whether or not Kelley had his weapon legally. The left desperately needs the firearm to be legal so they can point fingers at a failed system and insist we’re not doing enough to keep bad people from being armed.

Governor Abbott however just rained all over their parade:

Kelley was denied a license to legally carry a gun in Texas.

Which makes the argument that more gun control laws would work, stupid.

Clearly, gun control laws failed miserably; Kelley proved what we already know, that criminals do not obey the law. And if you limit ownership and firearms the only people who will obey the law are obeying the law in the first place.

Facts? FACTS?! Psh, facts are so 2008.

It happened because evil men will do evil things and luckily a good guy with a gun was there to stop Kelley.

Thanks for proving that the solution isn’t more laws.



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