Who wants to tell him?

David, that’s already the law.

You know, gun control fanatics might stop demanding new laws around gun control if they actually understood the gun control laws that are already on the books. Then again, probably not.

From the United States Dept. of Justice:

This bill passed with almost unanimous support and represents Congress’s recognition that “anyone who attempts or threatens violence against a loved one has demonstrated that he or she poses an unacceptable risk, and should be prohibited from possessing firearms.” Congressional Record, p. S11878, September 30, 1996. This new provision affects law enforcement in three interrelated ways. First, it will assist in preventing those individuals who have demonstrated a propensity for domestic violence from obtaining a firearm. Second, it will assist law enforcement by providing a tool for the removal of firearms from certain explosive domestic situations thus decreasing the possibility of deadly violence. Finally, it will serve as a federal prosecution tool in certain situations where alternatives have failed.

Funny that eh?

And considering the state of Texas had denied Devin Kelley a license to carry, the fact he had a gun at all was already illegal. Nothing about what Kelley did was legal, the system of laws and regulations FAILED. So why would we add more laws? Or laws that we already have?

The problem is they do so little research and so much yammering.

Crazy thought: True.


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