Hollywood has-beens ranting about gun laws Twitter is our least favorite Twitter … at least for today. Alyssa Milano seriously embarrassed herself last night by sharing super-fail propaganda from Shannon Watts (people, never listen to Shannon Watts), and today she’s not doing much better with this little tidbit.

Seems Alyssa, like others on the Left, misunderstand why this is a good thing. Obama’s gun check was a gross overreach of government and put people at risk of losing their rights without due process. Instead of discussing the reality of what Trump did, Alyssa is pushing the idea that he is giving guns to crazy people.

She believes it.

And what’s worse is her 3 million moronic followers seem to believe it as well.

Yeah, sweetie.

She doesn’t have time to research, oppressor! She’s far too busy making a difference politically in a non-partisan way.

HA HA HA HA HA. Sorry, that just cracked us up.


And there you have it.

Has she read the bill … THAT’S hilarious.

Maybe tweeting about guns just isn’t her thing.


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