As you lovely Twitchy readers know, Wil Wheaton tweeted some repugnant shiznit yesterday after the horrendous shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX. In case you were lucky enough to miss it …

Wil was so distraught over the people who had been killed and wounded that he used and exploited them to try and hurt Paul Ryan for praying for them. Seems a really horrible way to make your point, but then again, it is the Left we’re talking about, SPECIFICALLY Wil ‘Blocks Everyone on Twitter’ Wheaton.

The dozen or so people he has not blocked on Twiter took issue with his tweet:

But gun control and stuff! Prayer is bad, m’kay?

Actually, Wil was talking about the people attending church, slamming their religion and their faith in some bizarre attack on Paul Ryan over gun control. Maybe he should try thinking before tweeting?

Too little, too late, Wesley.

The only people who have been exploiting religion on this topic are the jackasses on the Left shaming people for praying.

Like Wil.

Pretty sure this didn’t go over all that well.

Been there, done that.

Former fan indeed.


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