Donna Brazile is on Sunday morning shows doing a serious backpedal on the comments she made to Politico about the DNC and the Clinton Campaign rigging the primaries.

Wonder if she’s a little worried about the Clinton Dynasty being angry with her … or it could be the serious backlash she has witnessed in social media over the past few days. Someone needs to tell her though, the damage is already done.

LITERALLY said it. Yes.

She said, ‘By September 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof …’

Why oh why would she suddenly change her story?

She IS a Democrat after all.

POOR DONNA. How could she bear it?! Such an emotional toll she wrote a book about it and is actively promoting it.

She and Hillary deserve one another.

And then she pivots to attack Trump in an attempt to deflect from herself.

Too late, Donna.


‘Now, THAT is news’! Is Drudge TRYING to break the Internet with this tweet on Donna Brazile?

HRMMM, John Podesta’s last few tweets seem sorta … tense. Gosh, wonder why?