There certainly seems to be some trouble in the merry land of Ralph Northam and his run for governor of Virginia. As Twitchy readers know, last week a repugnant and vile commercial from Latino Victory Project aired basically showing Republicans trying to run over illegal immigrants in a giant black truck with a Confederate flag.

It sounds crazy when you write it out, no?

So basically they were claiming Gillespie and his supporters are violent racists. Not a great look for this group, so it was no surprise when Ralph Northam insisted he didn’t approve the ad.

There’s just one problem:


That’s not a good look, Ralph.

In fact, it was such a BAD look that the super progressive and liberal group, Democracy for America, announced they would no longer support Ralph’s campaign because it was RACIST.

This is almost as delicious as the news about Hillary Clinton and the DNC yesterday.


Add in the proof that his campaign funded the racist attack ad and it does indeed appear to be raining crap all over Ralph Northam.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

*Go Gillespie!*


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