Yesterday after Donna Brazile dropped the bomb that Hillary and the DNC rigged the election and cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination (we are calling it the Brazile Bomb), social media was filled with outrage … and rightfully so. Many of us always suspected, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth? Wow.

And yet even after all of that, some people are still ‘with her’:

So in other words, like a good Democrat, Joy is telling the little people that Hillary cheating was the best thing for them.

Guess how well this went over, especially with Bernie supporters.


Told you.

Excuse us for a sec, gotta go grab some more popcorn.

We’re not entirely sure she does know better.


This would make Joy a hack. Just sayin’.

We agree.

Way to make friends and influence people, Joy.


WHOA: Donna Brazile goes OFF the rails, makes HUGE accusations against DNC, Clinton campaign