You know it’s time to get the popcorn out when you wake up to see Donna Brazile screeching about Russians targeting teenagers on Facebook … oh, and then you see a story about her accusing the Clinton campaign of rigging the primary with internal corruption and unethical finances.

Double the popcorn, double the fun.

Huge indeed.

Then again, we all know Donna somehow magically made sure Hillary saw questions before a debate with Bernie Sanders so we already kinda sorta had proof that it was rigged … and that she helped.

But hey, she’s on a roll.

From the Washington Post in 2015:

It’s not clear how this will shake out. The DNC appears to be digging in behind its schedule. Clinton won’t clarify whether she actively wants more debates, and her campaign very well may not want that at all, given the details of the tick-tock I’ve laid out above. Even if the DNC’s original decision to set six debates is somewhat defensible, given how this all unfolded, things seem to be spiraling out of the committee’s control, now that we have the schedule itself and now that we’re seeing huge audiences tuning in to the GOP debates.

The criticism may escalate, putting the DNC — and Clinton — in an increasingly difficult position. The Clinton camp, by claiming openness to more debates, has given the DNC a way out. But it’s unclear whether the committee will take it.

DNC was digging in behind Hillary.

Ya’ don’t say.

Deny, deny, deny, and then they’ll find a way to blame Trump.


If she’s a Democrat yes, yes she does.

Additionally, Donna has really been pushing the idea that Russia stole the election from Hillary so we’re not 100% sure what her angle is at this point.

But hey, we’ll watch the meltdown.



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