Legislation can be complicated and hard to understand. Especially legislation around taxes, which is why Ben Shapiro’s three-tweet breakdown of the GOP tax plan is super helpful.

Unless you’re Massachusetts or California.

Or a Democrat.

Could be worse.

Besides, didn’t California say they wanted to secede anyway?

It’s about damn time we had a tax plan that actually did work for the middle class. Democrats like to pretend the Right only cares about making the rich richer, but really it’s the middle class that is paying the price for the current, progressive tax system.

The rich have loopholes and the poor are often exempt, which leaves the rest of us poor schmucks in the middle to pick up the tab.

But tell us more about how evil Republicans are for wanting to give Americans back more of their own money.

Why indeed? Wyomingites aren’t benefitting from the programs in these states, why should they foot the bill? Why should anyone who doesn’t live in those states have to give a damn about subsidizing their crazy tax rates?

It should be up to the states to take care of these funding issues, not the feds.

Raise taxes … it’s all Democrats really know how to do.

Well that and lie, cheat and steal, but you get the point.


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