Earlier today, Twitchy reported that Democrats received 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post, which is sort of a big deal considering how often the media protects the Dems.

On that note, we hope this video from Chief Liar Liar and Crazy Uncle Bernie will make you laugh as much as it made us laugh.



And they say Conservatives are out of touch?


But it’s free, except for that 52 cents out of every dollar every American has to pay …


Democrats don’t feel good unless the government is winning. Never forget that.

They are all oddly quiet about this story today.

Go figure.

When you see it like this, the number of days you work that don’t benefit you or your family at all, it can really make you sick to your stomach.

Thanks, Democrats.


OOPSIE! WAPO gives Democrats 4 Pinocchios for ‘hasty talking point’ about GOP tax plan