When your Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten to a point where you think joking about knocking a child ‘the f*ck out’ over a Halloween costume it MIGHT be time to take a break.

She thought this was funny.

Why can’t the Left leave anything alone? Last night we wrote about a guy who was so upset over a Starbucks employee dressing up for the #ZombieFrappucino promotion that he complained on Twitter about it and now this?

These folks have GOT to get a grip.


Dude. Run. Away.


They never learn.


And they say people on the Right are men and intolerant.

Not to mention at this rate Trump will win again in 2020; they’re not doing themselves any favors acting like batsh*t crazy.

This is the irrational part.

Mental note, avoid this woman’s house on Halloween.


C’mon MAN: Blue check fussy over SKEERY Starbucks employee promoting #ZombieFrappuccino

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