Oh geez.

It’s Starbucks.

It’s Halloween.

It’s a Zombie Frappucino.

Get a grip.

And considering the number of people who will be in costume (some with blood) over this weekend into Tuesday celebrating All Hallow’s Eve, Jamie MIGHT want to just stay inside and avoid being triggered by the festivities. Better that than complaining to employers on Twitter because an employee is having a good time at work.

Actually, a line of blood across the neck could imply a death from behind like say from a slasher; Jamie might want to watch a few old horror movies.

Wait, strike that.

Ummm yeah, that too.

We’re willing to bet the employee was going for the slasher or zombie victim look, doubtful she was trying to dress up like someone who had committed suicide.

Exactly. Playing on the emotions of Starbucks and painting people with mental illness as those who are unable to deal with everyday activities around Halloween is not a good look.

Maybe he’s looking for a free Latté?

‘Nuff said.

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