Captain Kirk for the WIN! Yeah yeah, we know he’s really William Shatner … but still!

And if anyone has dealt with their fair share of crazy on Twitter, it’s William Shatner. Sure, there were a ton of SJW nutballs in gaming because of GamerGate but there also seems to be a rather large number of them in the sci-fi world as well.

For example:

Going through Mr. Shatner’s timeline (and yes, we call him MISTER), you see all sorts of tweets and even accounts that have been deleted because he doesn’t take any of their crap.

Which makes us adore him even more.

Crazy is as crazy does.

You’d think SJWs would realize we’re on to them by now.

But no.

Case in point:


Maybe they should just leave William Shatner alone, it never works out well for them. Heck, they could even block him if his being on Twitter is so triggering.




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