Holy crap! Chelsea Handler uses $1.4 billion in birth control every year?

OHHHHH, she’s pretending this bill is for all women, shew! We were sorta grossed out there for a minute.

Even the thought of her using that much birth control though … bleh.

She seems to think that sending the president invoices for birth control will somehow ‘show him,’ but all it really does is make women look like cheap, needy, sex-obsessed losers who depend on the government for everything.

Way to go, Chelsea.

Hell, guns are a Constitutional right. Shouldn’t the government pay for those too?

Liberal lunatic goes without saying.

What he said.

Because men are evil or something. We know, it doesn’t make any sense.

We thought so too; apparently begging the government to pay for birth control makes Chelsea strong and independent.

Git off our lawn!



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