We know, we already covered Joy Reid earlier today (ICYMI she had her arse handed to her by Benghazi hero, Kris Paronto), but ZOMG the stupid is thick with her today. Maybe Joy should read up on Niger before she starts flapping her gums and playing politics because ultimately she just makes a fool of herself.

Case in point.

Does she really think Trump sent the US troops to Niger?

Would someone PLEASE teach this woman how to Google? And we know what she’s trying to do, she’s desperate to zing Republicans because of the ass-kicking Hillary and Obama received over Benghazi.

But c’mon.

But sorry Joy, Obama screwed them both up.

Merry Christmas.

It’s like she and the rest of the media were asleep for the last eight years.


It’s pretty bad.

They’re progressives, sure they could.

Look at all of these people answering Joy’s question.

Happy helpers.



SAVAGE: Kris Paronto puts Joy Reid on BLAST for using Benghazi in attack on Trump over Niger

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