Another day another chance for Joy Reid to make a fool out of herself. When will Reid and others figure out that treating any fallen soldier as a political football is a disgrace?

Sorry Joy, no matter how hard you try, Trump will never be as bad as Hillary and Obama, who lied not only about the intent behind the attack in Benghazi but about ‘catching the men who did this.’

Benghazi hero, Kris Paronto, had enough:

We’re going to guess Joy has no idea who Kris is and if pressed would have a really hard time listing the four men who lost their lives in Benghazi.

She’ll ignore Kris because he’s a reminder of just one thing that kept Hillary Clinton from being elected.

Yes, let’s make sure she knows his name.

She’s the one who wanted to play the name game. *shrug*

If Obama had been president with Niger she wouldn’t say anything. It’s all about narrative and agenda with Joy, she’d be better off just admitting it.

Doin’ it RIGHT.