Of course, Twitter gives this guy a blue check AND 280 characters.

And seriously, does this Patrick S. Tomlinson guy like to hear himself talk (read himself write) or what? Sheesh man.

There are plenty of people in the ‘Life Begins at Conception’ crowd who would be more than happy to answer his questions, problem is, Tomlinson has blocked most of them.


Oh boy.

*eye roll*

Let’s not pretend Patrick actually WANTS an answer to his question.

He must have asked for seconds on the day they were handing out smug and arrogant …

Life is life, dude.


Such a big tough guy telling people to be proud of killing the unborn.

No one twisted anything but Patrick.

Enter pro-life WARRIOR Kimberly Ross:

Someone better get Patrick some ointment for that burn.

Editor’s note: Patrick has the editor of this piece blocked, that’s how badly he wants an answer to his question. Heh.


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