Seems Bowe Bergdahl, the guy who will likely plead guilty to desertion today, is upset that people think he’s a traitor. Not sure what else you’d call a man who deliberately leaves his camp and gets other soldiers killed looking for him …

Maybe he should pull a Chelsea Manning and tell the world he thinks he’s a chick. Then all he’d have to do is add in some emoji and he would be good to go.

And THERE’S the mic drop from our favorite parody on Twitter, @sean_spicier.

From The Daily Mail:

Bowe Bergdahl said it’s ‘insulting’ that he’s being portrayed as a traitor, in his first filmed interview since being released by the Taliban in a 2014 prisoner exchange.

The interview, filmed by British filmmaker Sean Langan last year, was aired by ABC News on Monday, as the Army sergeant is set to plead guilty to desertion charges in military court.

The 31-year-old Idaho native offered no explanation for why he abandoned his Afghanistan outpost in 2009. But he says the narrative that he deserted his company to join the Taliban is false.

‘You know, it’s just insulting frankly,’ Bergdahl said. ‘It’s very insulting, the idea that they would think I did that.’

Awww, poor baby.

Yeah, we’re not sensing a whole lot of sympathy for Bowe.

He did it because of a video on YouTube, duh. Remember when Obama made such a big deal of hanging out with Bowe’s parents? These people all deserve one another.

We can think of only a few people who are as deserving of this illustrious award as Bowe Bergdahl.

Seriously, what does he think a traitor is? Someone get this guy a mirror …


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