Awww yes, the good old days of the NFL, when players would get in trouble for celebrating after a touchdown.

Please James, don’t give them any ideas.

If you look at this tweet thread, there are plenty of people trying to shame Woods over this cartoon, claiming NFL players haven’t burned any flags in the endzone. Yet.

Funny how the NFL has completely nuked itself over the opinions of people who likely didn’t watch football in the first place.

Go team go.

People need an escape from the world, and that includes politics.

Football used to be that escape.

What he said.

They’re too busy kneeling because they’re gazillionaires who get paid millions to toss a ball around and they feel oppressed and stuff. Or they’re oppressed for other people … or they hate Trump.

Honestly the message behind their protests has changed so many times now we’re not entirely sure what they’re protesting.

But we do know their ratings are getting sacked.

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