Wow. Only a deliberately obtuse and agenda-driven troglodyte would have the gall to say Hollywood has a greater sense of moral value than ANY institution in this country after the past few weeks, let alone the Values Voters Summit.

So Matthew is applauding Weinstein being removed from the Academy … forget Hollywood knew for decades that Weinstein was sexually assaulting women (and houseplants) and did NOTHING. But now Hollywood gets to do a victory lap because they reacted after someone ELSE exposed Harvey?

Yeah NO.

Look who agrees with him:

How do these people look at themselves in the mirror every day? Seriously.

Really the Academy didn’t have any choice – they’d been found out.

Yeah, Matthew really outdid himself this time.

That’s not morality, that’s covering their asses.

Oh and FYI:

But nice try, Matthew.


They ALL knew: Courtney Love banned by powerful Hollywood agency for calling out Weinstein

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