Oh look, a feminist lumped all men together based on the actions of one Hollywood ‘liberal kingmaker.’ Gotta protect that whole ‘men are evil and should be destroyed’ narrative, right?

Dear Men, How dare you care or be concerned about your wives and daughters living in a world where a pig like Weinstein can sexually abuse women for DECADES and other women protect him out of fear for their jobs.

There, fixed it for her.

Don’t feel badly Clint, feminists confuse the shiznit out of all of us.

She followed up with this:


Feminists. *eye roll*

If you’re sick and tired of women defining men’s roles and who and what they represent, raise your hand.

Sad that we live in a world where anyone thinks we should write off fathers and husbands.

True. Odds are she will not actually answer this question but only pretend she was oppressed because Clint asked it in the first place.

Men are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, grandpas and much more, and the world is a better place for them being in it.

The end.


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