Alexandra DeSanctis was on a ROLL yesterday, calling out actors and actresses for their love-fest tweets about Harvey Weinstein. Seems Ava DuVernay wasn’t thrilled with being retweeted …

She deleted it.

Lucky for us (and not so lucky for her), screen shots are FOREVER.

So she knew about Harvey, she’d heard the stories, BUT SHE WAS STILL A FAN.


It’s ok that he’s a pervert who has allegedly sexually harassed hundreds of women (and a potted plant or two) because she agrees with him politically.

Remind us again which party is sexist and hates women?

Gold star even.

Big thanks to Alexandra for doing this, so many tweets deleted by accounts that have this editor blocked.

Ava admitted she was aware that he was a predator and she was STILL A FAN.

Just. Gross.

And sadly we’re learning all too typical among the Hollywood elite.


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