Lisa Bloom is over the hate she’s receiving for trying to defend a guy who allegedly sexually harassed hundreds of women over the years, so stop being so mean to her, ok? *eye roll*

The Left can be vicious. Ya’ don’t say?

Gosh, we hadn’t noticed. *eye roll*

Is she saying Weinstein’s lifelong work has been positive because yeah, no. If he spent decades terrorizing women sexually that’s not positive in the least. Guess having the right politics goes a long way with the ‘vicious Left.’

Poor Lisa.

Someone get us a tissue.


Seems Lisa’s plan was to undermine these women by pretending they somehow brought this all on themselves.

She’s starting to sound like Harvey Weinstein … ‘LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF I DID, DON’T BE MAD AT ME.’

Not a good look, Lisa.



Maybe tell that to Harvey Weinstein since he’s the one here who did something wrong?

Tell us another one, Lisa.

Sorta like with customer service; one unhappy customer will tell 10 other people. Or in Lisa’s case, 10 million other people

We’ll believe it when we see it.


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