Sorry but we still laugh when we see Joss Whedon pretend he’s actually concerned about women’s rights after the explosive blog his ex-wife released about him. Of course if that blog rings true at all, Whedon supporting abortion after 20 weeks makes sense:

Gosh Joss, you sound upset.

While we would rather see a bill banning abortion after six weeks (or entirely except for health concerns) we’ll take this level of compromise if that means we can save lives.

And wow, why would Joss be upset about protecting life on a day where Americans were mourning such a huge loss of life? When we all are reminded what a delicate and fragile gift it is?


Oh and WOW, the level of stupid on that thread is impressive, and not in a good way.

They really think like this.

So says the side who supports aborting babies up until birth … sure.

Right? Protecting innocents is like the WORST ever.

We can’t even.


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