Junk science.

These people are so adorable.

From MediaMatters:

An unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives next week likely won’t get far in the U.S. Senate. But a prominent opponent of abortion rights hopes the bill will apply pressure to vulnerable Senate Democrats, strengthening Republicans’ majority and ending the legislative firewall between a nationwide prohibition on legal abortion care at 20 weeks.

FYI, abortion isn’t a Constitutional right; just because something is legal doesn’t make it a right. PRIVACY is a right. The Left loves to confuse the two for their argument pretending that anyone would believe it’s a right to murder another human being.

Enter Mad Dog Jenna Jameson.

And seriously, when you put it that way …

That and banning all guns will somehow stop criminals from having or using them.

These aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

It’s magical vagina dust that gets sprinkled on the baby when he or she is born, duh.

Quiet you and your male privilege.


Sidenote: As we were finishing up this story, Jenna was attacked by a progressive ‘woman’ who then deleted her tweet. We have her tweet though because the Internet is FOREVER.

Jenna responded:

Yes, they are cowards.

All of them.


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