Progressives are so edgy.

And bossy.

And annoying.

Apparently Americans shouldn’t pray after a tragedy, like what happened in Las Vegas yesterday where 58 innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a gunman. All across social media, and especially in D.C., smug, sanctimonious Lefties were shaming their fellow Americans for praying for those who’d been killed, their families and their loved ones. Seemed they were almost angrier at those praying than at the actual monster who pulled the trigger.

Take for example what Cecile Richards posted:

She’s such a waste of space.

Of course we shouldn’t expect the leader of an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year to actually sympathize with those who lost loved ones in Las Vegas.

And hey, she’s calling for policy change, right?

That’s policy AND prayer.

There ya’ go, Cecile.


Cecile has to admit, she set herself up for this one.



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