We’re still waiting for someone to intelligently explain how the NRA is in any way responsible for the shooting in Las Vegas. All we keep seeing from the screechy, frothy-mouthed Left is drama and rhetoric pointing fingers at everyone and everything EXCEPT the jackass who did it.

And of course Chelsea Handler is no exception.

Linked to gun violence.


How many of those have taken place in Chicago, Chelsea?

You know, Chicago, where Democrats have been in charge for years and years.

How many deaths are linked to cars? Fists? Water? Ninjas? UNICORNS?!

This is just another gross exploitation of one tragedy to push an agenda, which is what the Left does.

Gosh, we can’t help but notice that Chelsea isn’t advocating the removal of prescription drugs.

Funny that.

Because one more law banning a gun will TOTALLY stop evil men from doing evil things.

This level of stupid really should be painful.


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