San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz likes to pretend she’s super busy saving people, but she sure seems to have a lot of time to be interviewed by the media and bitch about Donald Trump.

Like this from an interview with Joy Reid:

Via Mediaite:

With host Joy Reid bringing up one tweet in which the president said the mayor was being “nasty to Trump,” Cruz responded that she was just pleading for help and she wasn’t saying anything nasty about him. She then went on to reference the commander on the ground, Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, stating that he doesn’t have enough troops for the recovery effort to further her point that more help is needed.

“This is what we have — on goal,” she added. “It is to save lives. I tweeted this morning that this is a time where everyone shows their true colors. I have no time for distractions. All I have is time for people to move forward and get help.”

She says as she makes time to be on TV.


And have special t-shirts made, yup.



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