So why is it that every time Trump says something that seems pretty unbearable, the Left jumps up and says something that makes him look almost bearable?

Trump has indeed made some questionable remarks about Puerto Rico over the past few days, but wowza … these proggies just can’t seem to stand being outdone in the awful department.

Case in point:

Meet Jen Statsky. We didn’t know who she was either until we did a Google search and found that she’s been a writer for Parks and Recreation and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. There were other shows listed but we’ve never heard of them so, eh.

Funny how they are ok with people they disagree with politically having their lives destroyed and their freedoms taken away.

And we don’t mean funny ‘ha ha,’ we mean funny ‘pathetic and fascist.’

Got our attention. Fair point.

And this is key, they’re even turning people who aren’t Trump supporters into his defenders, all but handing him re-election in 2020.

Gosh, thanks Jen.


TFW Lauren Duca and her bully-brigade call Trump and his followers domestic terrorists